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    BLS Respiratory Protection

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    BLS 214 ABEK1 Protection against dusts, fumes and mists filter

    PKR 1100.00
    - This Product is only compatible with BLS Respirators


    PKR 800.00
    - This product is only compatible with BLS respirators

    - Dust prefilter can only be mounted on 211, 213, 214, 241, 243, 244 BLS Cartridges.

    - For all Technical details and instructions, please download the datasheet.

    BLS 4000 next R Reusable Half face mask

    PKR 5900.00
    Product Code : 8002112 MADE IN ITALY

    Material : Thermoplastic

    Size : M/L

    To find information and technical datasheet for cartridges and filter, please search the filter name in the search bar to find its relevant information.

    BLS 3150 Full Face Respirator Mask

    PKR 14600.00
    The 3150 full face mask is made by the following materials:

    • Facepiece: natural rubber

    • Visor: Polycarbonate

    • Filter holder (connection): ABS

    Weight: 506 g

    BLS 415 Respirator Mask Filter

    PKR 3100.00
    The 415 filter is an anti gas filter that protects against contaminant gases. 415 filter is equipped with a standard threaded connection conforming to EN 148-1 standard and it’s possible to use it on half mask and full face mask.

    Its Equipped with the same standard connection