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    Ear Protector

    Various style of earmuff in traditional style, foldable style available in standard and slim version.

    Our EP-107H foldable earmuff with excellent noise reduction with NRR:37dB OSHA:34dB.

    Padded headphone available to increase comfort.

    Metal free version available.

    Our earmuff range also includes safety helmet mounting earmuff, electronic earmuff and radio earmuff

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    BLUE EAGLE EM62 Earmuff

    PKR 1100.00
    Light in weight, it can be worn in 3 positions overhead, behind neck or under chin.

    BLUE EAGLE EM68 Safety Earmuff

    PKR 1100.00
    Impact Resistant ABS Ear Cup, Non-Magnetic

    3M Peltor Optime Earmuff

    PKR 3500.00
    A versatile, over-the-head earmuffs featuring a stainless steel headband for consistent force and effective hearing protection

    For noise levels up to 98 dBA. - Stainless steel construction resists bending and warping. - Earcup pivot points tilt for optimum comfort and efficiency. - Ultra light with liquid/foam filled earmuff cushions. - Color-coding for compliance sighting.

    Safety earmuff EM 103

    PKR 1550.00
    Safety earmuff meet CE EN 352-1 certified

    SNR: 27dB

    Economic style earmuff EP 101

    PKR 1200.00
    - Traditional design

    - Headband adjustable

    - NRR: 28dB, SNR:27.6dB

    - ANSI and CE standard

    Leather cushion earmuff EP 106

    PKR 1500.00
    - Additional synthetic leather provide additional comfort, NRR: 21dB, SNR:27.5dB.

    - Head bank adjustable.

    - CE and ANSI standard, standard color yellow.

    Foldable compact earmuff EP 107

    PKR 5000.00
    - Foldable and compact design synthetic leather cushion and higher DB value cup also available

    - CE and ANSI standard

    - NRR: 34dB, SNR:30.4dB

    - standard color RED

    Safety Ear Hearing Protector EP 109

    PKR 1200.00
    - Excellent noise reduction

    - Comfortable ear cushions

    - Soft headband leather cover

    - PVC headband

    - Square cup in ABS material and soft PVC cushions