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    Fire Blanket

    PKR 1725.00
    These life saving blankets quickly smother flames to reduce burn injuries or stop fire from spreading. Can also be treated to gain a better fireproof performance, the product is also used for fire escape due to its ability to withstand high temperature.

    Welding Fiber Electrode Holder

    PKR 700.00
    -External touch body with comfortable handle, good insulation property, high impact strength and heat-resistant strength

    -Internal electric conductor is adopted the plated copper with nice electrical conductivity, low resistance or less heat

    -Adopt top-grade spring steel with high elastic strength to ensure the welding rod in stable gripping and hard to fall off

    -The insulated spring sheath guarantees the outstanding insulation

    BRK Electronics 83RN Smoke Alarm

    PKR 1300.00
    - Hinged cover design

    - Low profile styling

    - 9v battery included

    - Approved for RV use

    Red Metal Fire Bucket

    PKR 300.00
    - Material: iron

    - Fire bucket

    - Easy to maintain

    DP-7310 LED Rechargeable Fire Safety Search/ Torch Light

    PKR 1750.00
    - Large Capacity Battery: 1800mAh Rechargeable Battery

    - Brightness Adjustment: Strong/weak degree

    - Large Space Handle: Easy To Carry

    - Charging cable storage box: The Charging cable stored in the storage box, easy to operate and carry

    LED-744 Rechargeable Head Light

    PKR 500.00
    - 1W LED CHIP




    Safety Fire Hydrant 30m Long Hose

    PKR 20000.00

    - Material : PVC

    - Diameter Size: 1 inch

    - Color: Red

    - Work pressure: 8 bar

    - Jacket: Single

    - Length of rope: 30M

    Auto Fire Safety Water Sprinkler-Upright

    PKR 22000.00
    Automatic Fire Sprinkler-Upright is incorporated with 5 mm glass bulb for Standard Response or 3 mm for Quick Response as a heat sensitive element rated temperature 68°C (155°F) or 79°C (175°F).