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About us

Our Company

  originated in Karachi, Pakistan is a a safety product trading company which is proclaimed as one of the leading in its region. It has expanded in both its quality and services ever since its birth in 1989.

The vision MJS Traders has had for 27 years, simply put, is to provide its customers with supreme quality of standards in safety items which aid in the protection for eyes, hands, face, and the overall body parts.

Our vision concludes that in one’s social and professional life, high amounts of safety must be attended to. Therefore, we find it vital to ensure that our customers receive the best quality in each and every material they require.


 Our Mission


 Not only is our customers happiness a priority—we demand that when it comes to safety, one must be fully clothed and armoured in such a way that little to no harm occurs. The companies we work with are highly qualified and we personally check each and every item before releasing it to the public.


Shop With Us

 We have continuously offered shipping to regions all over Asia. Due to high demand in products, it is our prime concern to make it as simple and easy as we can for our customers to order our products, hence we are delighted to provide our customers the opportunity of online purchasing through our website. In addition to shipping, one can visit our physical locations in Karachi, Pakistan. Feel free to contact us by email or phone for any further inquiries and thank you for your time and attention.