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Our Faq

How does it work?

It's super simple. For every transaction performed at our online / wholesale store, you will recieve a ticket with a unique code. After the countdown ends, winners will be announced on our MEGADRAW page through their ticket no. and name. All winners will be contacted through email or phone call for further instructions on how to recieve their prizes. 

What's in it for corporate clients if they issue a Purchase Order?

All our corporate clients will recieve the MEGADRAW TICKET after an issuance of a successful PO.

The number of tickets will depend on the total value of a Purchase order. However, any Purchase Order regardless of the value will still be entitled with a minimum number of 3 tickets. 

The Purchase Officer issuing us a PO is responsible to allot names of employees / executives for the entitled tickets. 

Isn't this a form of bribery?


All businesses have some kind of marketing strategy. We at MJS still believe in the old traditional ways. Rather than spending our budget on facebook and instagram ads, we choose to allocate our budget at rewarding our customers for choosing us as their safety providers. 

Purchase Officers of various companies should work with us and trust in our brand not because we reward them back but because we also have a established price beat policy and return policy which provides a guarantee that our products not only comply with all international standards but are also cheapest in comparison to rest of the vendors. 

I was just announced a winner in the MEGADRAW, How will I receive the prize?

Woohooo, Congragulations!!

You will be contacted by our respresentative via phone call or email guiding you through the next steps.

But - just to give you a heads up, We require all winners to share their story and experience with MJS on their social media network detailing the prize you have won and tag MJS Traders on your post. You can choose any social media platform of your choice.

You will recieve your prize after 24 hours of your post.

How will my privacy be protected?

We respect your privacy and that matters above everything else. 

To protect your privacy, Our MEGADRAW page will only show your full name and your ticket no. No other information will be visible to anyone else. 

If you are one of our lucky winners, we reserve the right to use your full name to display on our winners list along with your picture on our winners list section. Picture will be used after your approval, otherwise we shall use an avatar for display purposes. 

How are the prizes decided?

MEGADRAW prizes should be MEGA otherwise it defeats the purpose. 

We try our best to keep meaningful prizes that would create an impact on one's personal and professional life. 

One way or the other, we are all struggling, and keeping the struggles in mind we try to come up with a prize that would provide a boost to your monthly or fiscal financial goals. 

Although we have a decicated team who decide the prizes after taking multiple surveys, you are more than welcome to provide feedback and suggestion on how we can make this page and our prizing scheme better by contacting us through this form

How are the winners selected?

With the help of our IT department, we have come up with a sophisticated algorithm that chooses the winner without bias. All draws are absolutely random and we make sure to keep it that way. 

Every ticket issued through our MEGADRAW platform holds an equal chance. If you make a significant purchases with us does not give your ticket more value or chance than other tickets. However, Mutiple purchases can lead to mutiple tickets of an equal value.

Will I keep getting a ticket if I keep making a purchase in intervals?

No. To limit the misuse of our MEGADRAW scheme, we have restricted the numbers of tickets each customer can get in each draw. MEGADRAWS which are held monthly / quarterly will have different limitations so at some draws it could be possible to get more tickets than the previous draws. 

If incase you dont recieve a ticket after making a purchase, It is because you have exhausted your limit to get tickets for this draw.

I made a purchase but still haven't received a ticket

If you dont recieve a ticket after making a purchase, It is because you have exhausted your limit to get tickets for this draw. 

If you still think that you haven't recieved a ticket due to an error, Please contact us on and we will resolve the issue.


Past Winner List

Test New Draw

Ticket No. 9F041C85647F49B
Name: Muhammed Sadriwala