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Through the provision of multi-purpose, multi-functional hand protection safety gloves that are suitable and designed to ensure the safety of its users in any field, industry, and work environment, MJS Traders truly believes that protection and proficiency go hand-in-hand.

The hand is one of the most important and powerful instruments for a human being. The function of a hand helps to carry out multiple tasks, that can range from everyday eating to working in high-hazard environments. When it comes to working in hazardous fields such as construction and manufacturing factories, hand injuries are a common risk and critical occurrence. Hand protection safety, therefore, is imperative. A high quality hand protection glove should protect one’s hands and arms from abrasions, cuts, burns, blisters, electric, punctures, and heat. Additionally, when choosing the right hand protection glove, one should ensure that it accounts for environments that may vary from being indoors or outdoors to protect from pests, insect bites, and stings. Safety hand gloves, depending on the material and function, can also improve one’s grip while handling items that may be slippery or dangerous upon contact. When working with dangerous materials and heavy-weight equipment, one must be prepared for occupational risks such as accidents and disruption in the form of injury occurring. Cuts and lacerations can lead to damaged muscles, tissues, tendons, and nerves which can ultimately lead to a loss of motion, grip, control, and dexterity. A lack of quality safety equipment such as hand and arm protection PPE, gear, and work practices can lead to accidents that may have devastating consequences on not only the individual worker but the industry as a whole. A hurt worker due to negligence by failing to provide proper safety equipment can also negatively impact the company economically, leading to high and major legal costs, and ultimately damage the morale of a team and their reputation as a whole. The investment in hand and arm protection gloves is important for not only safety and protection purposes to prevent hand injuries but also to act as a vehicle to carry out all of one’s important tasks both efficiently and ethically.

MJS Traders specializes in PPE equipment such as hand and arm protection safety gloves, and we provide a variety of materials that can suit one’s purposes and needs. The material of each of the gloves we provide range from a wide assortment to choose from, including and not limited to industrial grade hand gloves, chemical resistant hand gloves, leather hand gloves, cut-resistant, heat-protective, and multi-purpose hand gloves that come in an array of materials, both light-weight and heavy-duty, that are ensured to be high-quality and long-lasting. Our protective gloves, just like all of our PPE, are inspected, monitored, and documented to assure the user of protective capability. We test the gloves to pass in multiple environments and situations so that our customers can be guaranteed complete safety and protection without compromise in quality. When it comes to protective hand gloves and safety equipment, MJS Traders strives to handle all of one’s needs.

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707 Leather Work Gloves

fire resistant safety leather welding work glove

Price mentioned per Pair

PKR 650.00

Asbestos Gloves

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that once was lauded for its versatility, recognized for its heat resistance, tensile strength and insulating properties, and used for everything from fire-proof vests to home and commercial construction. It was woven into fabric, and mixed with cement.
PKR 650.00

Dotted Knitted Seamless Cotton Gloves

PKR 100.00

Leather Hand sleeves

Leather Hand Sleeves sleeve gives good overall mechanical resistance with general maintenance activities. General purpose sleeve, with protection level factor.

Price mentioned per pair.

PKR 600.00

Nitrile Examination Disposable Gloves (Price/Box)

100 Pieces per BOX

Price mentioned for one box

Not sold individually.

PKR 750.00

Leather Forge 16 Inches, Welding Gloves

- Extreme Heat Resistant Protection

- Extreme Wear Resistant Protection

- Superior Protection For Hand And Fore Arms

- Perfect Gift To Yourself Or Your Friends

- Lifetime Guarantee

PKR 800.00

RUBBEREX - Super Nitrile RNF15

Price mentioned per pair
PKR 430.00

Besto Chemical Wrinkle Gloves


● Food industry

● Fishing industry

● Construction site

● General outdoor works

PKR 800.00

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