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    DP LED 9035 Rechargeable Torch

    PKR 700.00
    - Inside is equipped with 800mAh long-life and maintenance-free rechargeable battery

    - With a long life-span, the battery can be repeatedly used for more than 500 times

    - Energy-saving, bright and long-life LED bulbs are adopted. (1W LED torch and 12 LEDs Desk lamp)

    - 120 degree rotation is available at the light head

    - Multi-angle adjustment is available when it works as desk lamp, up to 180 degree

    - Built-in desk lamp function

    Ruilang T6 Super Bright Led Flash Light

    PKR 3000.00
    - New mechanical zoom

    - High strength T6061 aviation aluminum alloy

    - The military anodic oxidation treatment, wear resistance

    - All metal shell CNC production process

    DP LED-7075 Emergency Torch Light

    PKR 600.00
    - The Emergency light is with built-in long-life and free-maintained rechargeable battery of high capacity as 800mAh

    - The battery has more than 500 times' charging and discharging recycle life

    - LED is in advantages of energy-saving, high light and long life

    - The product can be laid flat on the table when taking out the stand

    - Both high light and dim light for choices

    Road Hazard Warning Red Traffic Cone LED Emergency Light

    PKR 2500.00
    - A Must-have For Emergencies

    - Amazing High Visibility

    - Powerfully Rugged

    - Essential Tool

    - Long-Lasting