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    Wet & Dry Mops

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    DSSM-orange Double-Sided Squeeze Mop Floor Cleaner

    PKR 1200.00

    - Superfine fiber mop, it has strong absorbability.

    - Weight: about 0.77kg

    - Plywood size: 12 x 38cm

    - Material: ABS

    - Corrosion resistance: 9.0-9.9 grade

    - Mop rod load: less than 10KG

    - Dehydration rate: 90%-100%

    - Mop material: superfine fiber Packing:

    - 1 pc Telescopic Mop

    - 2 Pc Mop Cloth

    Water Spray Mop With Long Handle And Cleaning Brush

    PKR 1800.00
    Stainless steel hand press 360 spray mop:

    1. Perfect body,save space,easy to clean

    2.The pressing handle,and spray water

    3.Removable spray bottle.

    4. Replaceable cleaning refill

    SSM-12 Squeeze Sponge Water Cleaning Mop

    PKR 1060.00

    - Item: Squeeze Sponge MOP 29cm (with extra Sponge), Length: 122cm

    - Item: Squeeze Sponge MOP 40cm (with extra Sponge), Length: 120cm

    - Uniqueness: Extra sponge

    - Durable + Long lasting

    - Work speed: Easy and Fast

    MWB-12 Microfiber Flat Mop With Squeeze Bucket

    PKR 2100.00

    - Fabric Type: microfiber

    - Included Components: flat mop

    - Is Assembly Required: false

    - Material: Plastic

    - Bucket size: 25 x 20 x 38

    - Rod size: 18 cm

    - 123 cm

    SM-003 Triangle Micro Fiber Spray Mop

    PKR 2300.00

    - Mop type: Triangle Microfiber Pad

    - Mop material: Microfiber + PP + aluminum alloy

    - Load capacity of the mop rod: greater than 10kg

    - Dehydration rate: 90%-100%

    - Mop length: 130cm / 51.2inches

    - Pallet size: 29x30x30cm/11.4×11.8×11.8in

    - Product package: 1x mop, 1x Microfiber Pad

    - Application: living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

    Twist Mop

    PKR 3100.00

    LIM_05 Heavy Duty Industrial Easy Clean Floor Mop

    PKR 442.00

    -Rod Size: 5 Feet

    - The premium quality industrial floor mop, easy to handle with a long rod. A good manual floor cleaning equipment

    - Weight: 0.50 kg

    6886 Microfiber Dust Cleaning Mop

    PKR 977.00

    - Item: Microfiber Dust Cleaning Mop

    - Weight: 0.30 kg