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AF06101 – Stainless Window Squeegee 18in

Key Features:

- Premium stainless steel construction for durability and longevity

- 18-inch size provides ample coverage for efficient cleaning

- Ergonomic handle ensures comfortable grip and reduced fatigue during use

- Lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver

- Ideal for both residential and commercial use

- Delivers streak-free results, leaving windows crystal clear

- An essential tool for maintaining cleanliness and appearance in any space.

- Price mentioned per piece.

PKR 1200.00

AF04314 - Plastic & Alnico Window Squeegee

Key Features:

- Part of the MJS Industrial Glass Cleaner series, known for its lightweight and durable design.

- Specifically designed to clean glass surfaces such as windows, mirrors, tabletops, and more.

- Ensures a streak-free finish without damaging the glass.

- Ergonomic handle and lightweight build for comfortable handling and effortless cleaning.

- An essential tool for achieving professional-quality results in your glass cleaning routine.

- Price mentioned per piece.

PKR 1000.00

SJ125 - Rotatable wiper 180-degree

Key Features:

- Innovative 180-degree rotatable wiper designed for efficient cleaning

- Telescopic handle extends to reach higher spaces with ease

- Rotatable head ensures thorough cleaning of all corners

- Made of stainless steel for durability and longevity

- Easy to use design for hassle-free cleaning experience.

- Price mentioned per piece

PKR 1500.00

8455 - 55cm AF Industrial Wiper

Key Features:

- Aluminum construction, offering both strength and lightweight design.

- 55cm length, suitable for common household and business needs.

- Easy to use for household cleaning or business maintenance.

- Effectively clears water or any kind of dirt on floors.

- Price mentioned per pieces

PKR 2500.00

FV - 072 Cleaning Floor Wiper

Key Features:

- High quality viper set with 4 feet steel powder coated rod.

- 6 inches big grip.

- 1" thickness.

- Convenient hook.

- Price mentioned per piece

PKR 1299.00
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