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    Marine Life Jacket

    PKR 750.00
    Marine Life Jacket fitted with Whistle, Retro reflective Tape and Light.

    Please mention your specific requirements for the product.

    Such as, Wide pockets, zipper pockets etc.

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    Fire Blanket

    PKR 1725.00
    These life saving blankets quickly smother flames to reduce burn injuries or stop fire from spreading. Can also be treated to gain a better fireproof performance, the product is also used for fire escape due to its ability to withstand high temperature.

    Rubber Chemical Gumboot (Irani)

    PKR 980.00
    Anti-oil, anti-alkali, anti-slip and excellent resistance to erode puncture abrasion .It meets CE standard

    Blue Eagle Polycarbonate Working Safety Face Shield Taiwan

    PKR 1120.00 PKR 1550.00
    Semi-aluminum construction bracket completes with 8"X15-1/2" aluminum bound PC clear visor. Provides protection against foreign particles, chemical splash, dust, heat and impact resistance.


    PKR 1200.00
    ABC 1 Kg Fire Extinguisher

    Mono Ammonium Phosphate Powder 50

    Controllable discharge mechanism with Nozzle

    Nitrogen Pressurized

    Dust Collector

    PKR 700.00
    Versatile for both commercial and residential use.

    Ideal for constant cleaning of large open spaces.

    Made in Indonesia