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Disposable Sterile Medical Scalpel Blades

PKR 10.00
- Sterilize Surgical blades with fine sharp cutting

- Suited to surgery use

- Size:10,11,15

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1.made by carbon steel or stainless steel 

2.single use

3.Sterilize Surgical blades with fine sharp cutting in well sealed packages which provides most safety and least pain to final users

4.Suited to surgery use


 The No.10, 11, 15 blade with its curved cutting edge is one of the more traditional blade shapes and is used generally for making varying sizes of incision in skin and muscle. The No.10, 11, 12 is often utilised in more specialised surgeries such as for harvesting the radial artery during a coronary artery bypass operation, opening the bronchus during thoracic surgery, uterine incisions for a C-Section and for Inguinal hernia repair

Packing In composition aluminium foil each, sterile
material carbon or stainless steel
shelf life 5 years
Product Directions Sterilized by Gamma Radiation
All blades are made of high premium quality carbon or stainless steel,resulting exceptional durability and sharpeness.
all specifications is available:10#,11#,15#
all blades are individually packed in a composition aluminium, easy-peeled foil, every piece is protected by VCI coated paper lining