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Basic Assorted Sizes Green Color Rubber Bands (Price / kg)

PKR 700.00
- Made of natural rubber for smooth, stretchability

- Offer tensile strength and re-usable convenience

- Ideal for home or office; keep items conveniently bundled and neatly organized

- Color of rubber band: Green

- Prices mentioned per kg

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Product Description:

Basics Assorted Sizes Green Color Rubber Bands

Multi-Use Rubber Bands

These bands offer tensile strength and re-usable convenience.

Natural Rubber

Made of natural rubber, the stretchable bands extend wide to wrap around items and retract instantly for a tight fit.


Use the rubber bands to keep letters bundled, kitchen items organized, cords contained, and more. Rubber band fights? They’re good for that, too.


The rubber bands can be removed easily and reused. They offer convenient, reliable strength that lasts over time with minimal breakage.