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    Traffic cone

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    Light weight and fold able traffic cone AB-A55

    PKR 0.00
    Light weiht and foldable traffic come with flash LED light inside. Height 55cm (base 27 X 27cm) and 70cm (base 33 X 33cm) are available

    Traffic cone

    PKR 0.00
    Durable/ strong PVC traffic cone.

    TC-30: 30cm(H), 21cm X 21cm base, weight 0.5kg (+-5%).

    TC-45: 45cm(H), 27cm X 27cm base, weight 1.25kg (+-5%). Lighter weight also available.

    TC-70: 70cm(H), 36.5cm X 36.5cm base, weight 2.5kg (+-5%). lighter weight also availabe.

    TC-90: 90cm(H), 37cm X 37cm, weight 4.3kg (+-5%). Lighter weight also available

    Flexible traffic cone

    PKR 600.00
    Durable, strong, flexible traffic cone.

    TC-45R: 45cm (H), 27cm X 27cm base, with one reflective tape, weight 1.25kg(+-5%). lighter weight also available.

    TC-70R: 70cm (H), 36.5cm X 36.5cm base, with one reflective tape or two reflective tape (TC-20R/2), weight 2.5kg (+-5%). Ligher weight also available