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Reusable Pressure Infusor

PKR 20200.00
- Transparent

- Durable

- Clean

- Economical

- Convenient

- Continues liquid flow + Safe

- Fast & Easy

+ -

Product Description:

A pressure bag is used when a critically ill or injured patient requires a rapid administration of fluids or blood products because of an emergency situation, such as low blood pressure or bleeding. The IV fluids or blood products can be given much more quickly when a pressure bag is used.

Product features:
1. Transparent: easy to observe the infusion bag and the liquid level in the bag.
2. Durable: Use a certain thickness of polyurethane.
3. Clean: maintain a clean patient monitoring environment.

4. Economical: It can be cleaned completely without discarding.

 It is recommended that a patient use a compression bag to avoid cross-use.

5. Convenience: The special hook makes it unnecessary to remove the infusion stand when changing the infusion bag.
6. Continuous liquid flow: facilitates effective liquid management.

7. Fast and easy: large-sized inflatable balloons can be inflated faster and more conveniently.

The three-way VALVE can quickly deflate without squeezing the balloon.

Product clinical use method:
1. Put the plasma bag or infusion bag into the interlayer of the infusion pressurized bag,

string the hanging rope of the plasma bag or infusion bag into the strap of the infusion pressurized bag, and then hang it on the infusion fixed shelf.
2. Pinch the ball by hand to inflate, the gas flows into the airbag of the infusion pressurized bag through the valve and trachea.
3. The speed of the infusion volume can be adjusted automatically by the high and low inflation pressure of the infusion pressure bag
4. After the infusion is over, press the gas valve, and the gas valve will open to deflate and discharge the gas in the airbag.
5. Repeat the above actions if you continue the infusion


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