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    Heat & Fire Resistant Gloves

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    Asbestos Gloves

    PKR 225.00
    Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that once was lauded for its versatility, recognized for its heat resistance, tensile strength and insulating properties, and used for everything from fire-proof vests to home and commercial construction. It was woven into fabric, and mixed with cement.

    Fire Resistant Silver Gloves

    PKR 1000.00

    Fire Resistant Silver palm Gloves

    PKR 1000.00

    Heat Resistant Oven Gloves

    PKR 850.00
    Applications: Utensil Handling, Light / Medium Fabrication / Metal Handling, Glass Handling CE Minimal Risk

    12-20-0Z Quality inside linning or plain

    Terry Towel Heat resistant Gloves

    PKR 120.00
    Small Size approximately equals to 10 Inches

    Medium Size approximately equals to 14 Inches

    Price mentioned per pair

    Premium Heat Resistant Leather Gloves

    PKR 380.00
    Applications: General Welding / Arc Welding Hot Work/Metal Work

    Size: 14�-16� CE Minimal Risk

    With pipping & without pipping inside linning