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    Cotton Gloves

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    Knitted Dotted Cotton Gloves

    PKR 55.00
    Universal size

    Knitted Seamless Bleach White Cotton Gloves

    PKR 15.00
    Applications: General Handling, Mechanical Works 7-10 Gauge CE Minimal Risk Cotton Poly Cotton & Polyester Nylon CE Category I Certified
    Simple Design- for minimal risks only. Suitable only for low risk applications where hazards can be identified by the wearer in time to deal with them.

    Polka Dotted Cotton Gloves

    PKR 57.00
    Applications: General Handling, Warehouse, Agriculture

    CE Minimal Risk

    PVC Dot for Enhanced Grip Ribbed Knit Wrist

    Price mentioned per pair

    Double Palm Cotton Gloves

    PKR 42.00
    Applications: General Handling Warehouse / Agricultural Size: Standard 10.0 CE Minimal Risk 8 to 12 0Z Ribbed Knit-Wrist Rugged General Purpose Glove

    PVC fix Cotton Lining Gloves

    PKR 70.00
    Price mentioned for 1 pair

    PVC fix Cotton Lining Gloves

    PKR 80.00
    Price mentioned per pair

    Heat Resistant Oven Gloves

    PKR 850.00
    Applications: Utensil Handling, Light / Medium Fabrication / Metal Handling, Glass Handling CE Minimal Risk

    12-20-0Z Quality inside linning or plain